Retail at Your Door Step.

The slow movement has not yet been applied to shopping behavior; rather, our intent is going the other direction, fueling our “stay at our desk and at home” mentality. Delivery services—from large companies to start-ups—are popping up to save time, simplify lives, and stave off the likes of Amazon from taking over the retail world, and while at it making it a likelihood that the everyday, routine shopping trip will become extinct.

  • Google Express delivers anything you might want from local stores right to your doorstep within 24 hours.
  • eBay Now’s strategy is to partner with big box retailers, each battling Amazon in their respective way. For just $5, you can have eBay Now deliver your purchase from companies such as Home Depot and Best Buy.
  • Postmates ( is a centralized courier service providing delivery for products outside of traditional business communications, focusing instead on personal items one needs from local shops and restaurants.
  • Luna is a service that collects online purchases so that they don’t sit waiting for you on your doorstep ready to be snatched away. Instead, Luna receives them for you and then delivers them when you are actually home during evening and night hours.

Consumer Forecast: Help me fit it all in.


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