Feast or Famine

Donuts or Juices.


Homer Simpson would be happy—donuts seem to be making a rebound. While many new brands are still riding last year’s trend and consumers are imbibing these new cold-pressed juices and gritting through their latest health-promising cleanse, others are indulging in newfound ways of preparing donuts. What does it mean? Perhaps we’re finally realizing that we’re human, that there’s room and need for health and a little gluttony. Perhaps the cleanse makes room for our indulgences. And if you’re following one of this year’s new diet trends—the on again off again diet (see below), the fact that both donuts and juices are hot right now might be apropos.

  • Dr. Krista Varady came out with her new diet book at the beginning of the year called The Every-Other-Day Diet, which suggests limiting one’s diet significantly one day (about 25 percent of your calories) then eating what you’d like the next.
  • New gourmet donut forms, such as baked or steamed (not fried), and traditional donuts in outrageous flavors have taken center stage: take Fonuts in Los Angeles or Glazed and Infused in Chicago. Deliciously enjoyed without guilt!
  • Turn the corner and you’re bound to run into a new juicing venture. From Kreation to Pressed Juicery, they abound in healthy regions of the country.

Consumer Forecast: Help me be human.



Hamblinjan, James. “The New Way to Love Food,” The Atlantic, January 23, 2014.


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