Font Power

Fonts that Distinguish.

The movie, Helvetica, which came out in 2007, brought mainstream attention to the power of fonts and the impact of their design on our society. Matthew Carter, the creator of fonts such as Verdana and Georgia, brought a renewed focus this March when he took the stage at TED, sharing his lifelong work in the subject.

Today were finding designers building on the power of fonts by creating distinct, ownable typefaces to build pride and ownership in cities and movements.

  • Designers in Chattanooga, Tennessee created the type, Chatype, specifically for city designs, with a hope of building city identity and pride.
  • Klima was created by Matthew Anderson, a lead designer for (a climate advocacy group), with the distinct purpose of providing a free, impactful design tool for use solely by climate activists.

Consumer Forecast: Help me feel proud.



Heller, Steven. “A City Gets Its Own Font,” The Atlantic, November 14, 2013.

Peters, Adele. This New Typeface is Free, If You’re a Climate Activist,” Fast Company, January 17, 2014.

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