Organic Matters

Nature Inspired Beauty. 

So far this year, the seasons’ trends have been inspired by nature, bringing life to inanimate objects from tabletop to clothing.

  • Instead of the past decade’s love of stainless steel, we’re seeing a transition to warmer interiors using natural copper materials, such as this copper kitchen island from interior designer Dara Huang or the SMEG’s Cortina SR775RA antique copper stovetop.
  • As reported by Elle Décor in its March issue, stone and geological patterns were used across pillows, wallpaper, clothing, and accessories.
  • Fit for the season, the tabletop collection, “Field of Flowers,” by Juliska features big, impactful flowers inspired by 17thand 18th century botanical prints. Such bright impactful florals were seen from these tabletop beauties to fashion.
  • Floral clothing has been quite popular across runways and covered in magazines highlighting the fashion throughout the seasons: Harper’s Bazaar showcased bold pattern pieces for Spring, U.K.’s InStyle picked the best floral summer dresses, and Elle highlights what’s to come for Fall.


Consumer Forecast: Help me bring a little nature into my life.


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