Whimsical Wears

“Commercial” Accessories.

Accessories are at the forefront of fashion today with some designers turning everyday items and product packaging into clever, offbeat fashion pieces. It’s another form of nostalgia as we move away from traditional, physical products towards more futuristic and digital experiences, turning these potentially forgotten items into whimsical, charming products that make us smile. Or, are these pieces a commentary on the ubiquity of luxury fashion pieces in people’s lives today?

  • Bill Chunningham of The New York Times shows how the see-through Chanel No. 5 bottle purse was a favorite of the season. If one didn’t get the purse before it sold out, there was also an iPhone case. See the coverage here.
  • Also from Chanel and the brainchild of Karl Lagerfeld, the company’s creative director, was the glamorized grocery store and shopping center he created for Chanel’s March Paris fashion show. Everyday grocery items, including a luxury Chanel shopping basket, were the talk of Paris fashion week.
  • Anya Hindmarch created high-end clutches with throwback designs of well-known cereal boxes, such as Frosted Flakes and Coco Pops, which can be purchased for Fall/Winter for a mere £995.

Consumer Forecast: Help me be playful and have some fun.


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