Zero Transportation

Moving Without.

While hybrid and electric seem to be at the forefront of automobile transportation evolution, there is more change coming in how we move that will be here sooner we think. These inventions were created by asking what’s possible or simply by bucking norms.

  • Driverless cars will soon be rolled out from the traditional automakers such as Ford and Mercedes to technology giant, Google. All have concept cars that prove cars can drive themselves. Not only will we all benefit from the opportunity to have our own built-in driver, zero human driving can also lead to fewer accidents and less road congestion.
  • Fuel-free flight is set to become a reality. By challenging what’s possible, Solar Impulse, a Swiss firm, has created a solar-powered, carbon-fiber plane called the Solar Impulse 2 that only weighs as much as a large car. Next year the company’s founders, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, will pilot the plane around the world using zero fuel.
  • A more traditional form of “zero” transportation is coming to life in Portland Oregon, a municipality often on the forefront of transportation policy. Its new bridge, called Tilikum Crossing, will open in 2015 allowing all types of transport (bicycles, buses, and foot traffic), but zero cars.

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