Ad Entertainment

Must See Marketing.

Marketing connects when it ladders to a motivational emotional benefit and is so good it’s worthy of watching more than once and it’s shareable. Its impact will be even greater if you can communicate your product benefit to drive sales, rather than simply leaving people feeling inspired. Get them inspired to buy-in, as well.

Watch how it’s been done well with these examples:

  • Jude Law stars in this engrossing spot for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It’s about a suave wager and a boat. Will it make you want to buy Scotch Whisky? Or, perhaps it will make you want to buy clothes from Mr Porter, the right sophisticated partner in this venture, where you can buy the clothes to dress just like these betters.
  • I’m not sure about the tone and brand fit, but this clever spot by GE promoting its latest lighting innovation gets the message across in a clever, engaging manner, hitting on all the points above. Jeff Goldblum stars and makes GE lighting a must have.
  • Dove continues to do an amazing job with its Real Beauty campaign and its videos that inspire women and girl’s confidence. The brand’s latest is called “Legacy” and speaks to women being positive role models for girls, inspiring their self-esteem.

Consumer Forecast: Help me feel what’s in it for me.


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