Forbidden, Contraband Booz

Taste History.

Looking back to the past is also inspiring spirit makers. This year there’s been a resurgence of moonshine, rum, and absinthe, amongst other spirits, harkening to the past and makers’ heritage.

  • Ole Smoky makes forbidden moonshine packaged in mason jars with sharp design, giving the product a made-in-secret, modern heritage feel. The product is made in Tennessee by people who grew up in Appalachia and bring their history to life in a range of moonshines at different proof levels and drinkability. In a fitting brand partnership, this year the company partnered with Harley-Davidson to create a unique Road House Customs Charred Moonshine.
  • Haling from a privateer family, Andrew Cabot is pulling from his past and the spirit of the times to create a company that produces Privateer Rum made with a commitment to quality and integrity.
  • In a March article in The Daily Beast by Jeff Campagna, he tells the story of how in Argentina absinthe became a forbidden drink during the ‘80’s when the last military dictatorship banned it attributing the alcohol to the uprising of the masses. In 2010, the ban was overturned, opening the door for new makers. Despite existing restrictions, he shares how new distilleries and bars are bringing this still controversial drink to life, such as that from Los Tigres de la Ira.

Consumer Forecast: Help me hold onto times of old that shouldn’t be lost and rather should be cherished.



Campagna, Jeff. “The Absinthe-Minded Porteños of Buenos Aires,” The Daily Beast, March 10, 2014.

Photo Credit:

“Creative Commons Ole, Smoky Moonshine” by PunkToad is licensed under CC by 2.0

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