Music to My Ears

Hear Music New Ways.

Since Napster, the music industry has never been the same. Last year the evolution continued with surprise releases, Beyoncé’s album releasing directly to iTunes garnering the most press attention. This year we’ve continued to see a range of innovative music delivery methods representing a clash of old world, power systems and fresh, unrestricted creative freedom.

  • U2 surprised the world with its latest album released in September with the main wow being that Apple footed the bill for it to be free on iTunes. What’s more, the album was automatically delivered to iPhones around the world, whether you wanted it or not.
  • On the other end of the fame spectrum, DigiTour Media and Playlist Live are just two companies who this summer held music festivals to bring to the public digital upstarts who created their own followings on sites like YouTube and Vine.
  • At the end of September, Thom Yorke of Radiohead self-released his latest solo album, “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” using BitTorrent, a technology platform that allows for large file transfers. Charging just $6, Yorke takes the power of distribution into his own hands.
  • Back in June, Jack White released his latest album, “Lazaretto,” going old school, releasing a vinyl record, yet adding modern, innovative twists, such as hidden tracks and a song with two different introductions depending on where one places the record player’s needle.

Cultural Forecast: Let me create my way.



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