Old Material, New Forms

The Touch of Paper Accessories.

Paper is often thought of as being temporary, not having lasting properties. But with new forms of paper, and old, companies and artists are making paper pieces to last.

  • Uashmama, an Australian company, makes a host of accessories and homewares from long-lasting, like-leather-made paper that can even be washed. Their assortment is made in Italy—from a small town in Tuscany to Florence—and are shipped all over the globe.
  • Civic Duty and Unstitched Utilities are just two companies making shoes out of paper, in this case Dupont’s well-known Tyvek, perfect for those with a sustainability focus or seeking non-leather goods. The material creates lightweight shoes, which are in vogue these days, and both companies have a focus on mixing do-good with fashion. Civic Duty even recycles the shoes when shipped back to them.
  • Ana Hagopian now lives in Spain and creates beautiful jewelry from paper. Her nature-inspired pieces make a statement in bright color and unique forms. The visuals on her website are inspiring.

Market Forecast: Help me find new uses for old things.


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