On Impulse

See & Buy Instantly.

Between Amazon and delivery services, routine shopping trips for low involvement products (think paper towels) just may become extinct. Couple this with the rise in online shopping, and the in-store impulse buy could go the same way; with fewer shoppers walking in the door, it’s more difficult to intercept them to influence to buy in the moment.

Enter new apps that are creating impulse-buying opportunities online, akin to Amazon’s trademarked One-Click payment method, taking away barriers to purchase.

  • Back in July, Target launched its In a Snap™ app just in time for back-to-school, which lets shoppers take a picture of Target products in a magazine ad and directly be linked back to the company’s website for instant shopping.
  • In September, Twitter announced that it will be testing adding a Buy button into its interface to allow for quick purchases.
  • The app called Furnish is all about try before you buy. The app let’s you take a picture of an empty room and orient products from various furniture makers in the space to quickly envision a look and then buy.

Consumer Forecast: Help make it easy to buy what I see and want.


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