Back in Time with New Takes on American Makers.

Want to find something made close to home? Several platform websites are making it easy to find local makers. These players are similar to Etsy, but brand around American-made, local, and craft.

  • With yet another celebrity entering the digital space, Blake Lively last month opened the e-commerce doors to Preserve. It’s a place to cherish all that is good and made in the U.S., showcasing artisans and craftspeople who keep us connected to how products were made in the past, and also to help us hold on to parts of our culture that are worth preserving.
  • Makers Market is similar to Preserve in that it is focused on “made in America” and celebrating small makers. The company focuses on hand-made products and evokes a similar spirit and values.
  • MadeClose is an e-commerce platform that sells only goods made close to home, championing local-made, made in the U.S., and transparent business practices. Its distinction is to focus on local products made with materials and ingredients found close to the makers.

Consumer Forecast: Help me hold onto times of old that shouldn’t be lost and rather should be cherished.


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