Casual Luxury.

From luxury sneakers to luxury in the great outdoors, these days we seem to want to feel comfort without giving up any sophistication. This year saw a blending of what we call Cas-Lux (casual + luxury) across different aspects of life from fashion to hospitality.

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  • Fancy Sneakers.
    • Fashion houses from Chanel to Dior merged high-class suits with sneakers, taking us back to the 80’s and making it yet again acceptable for women to wear dress clothes with running shoes.
    • Men followed suit with celebrities pairing tuxes with casual sneaker footwear at high-end events throughout the year.
    • With another take, Alexander Wang also came out with his own line of $1k+ luxury handbags that actually look like sneakers.
  • Lux-letic.
    • Understanding that women, in particular, these days live in their workout clothes, Alexander Wang’s long awaited collection for H&M blended a highly fashionable look with sport. It’s a touch of luxe combined with athleticism.
  • Comfort in the Great Outdoors.
    • Shelter Co. creates pop-up outdoor events in high-comfort. Imagine hunting in the outback of Africa staying in tents and being served wonderful meals. Shelter Co. offers a similar service, but in more tame environments in California.


Culture Forecast: Help us relax and enjoy the goodness of life.



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