Green Fashion

Becoming Fashionable.

There’s been a renewed interest in taking a stand for sustainability amongst fashion brands, with several this year bringing “green” more central to their brand and marketing efforts, raising the bar on how these companies run their businesses:

  • Eileen Fisher is a good example, committing to bring human rights and sustainability to the forefront of its business and making a pledge to reach 100 percent sustainability by 2020. Using the hashtag, #EFVision2020, the company asked others to take a stand with them. The company has long been supportive of such efforts, but is giving itself a deadline and goal to raise its own bar in making conscious clothing.
  • H&M is another company focusing on sustainability. In April of this year, it released its Sustainability Report, showcasing the progress the company has made for a more sustainable future. In the same month, the company also released a Conscious Exclusive Collection, celebrating its sustainability efforts in partnership with Conscious Commerce.
  • Stella McCartney has long been a sustainable fashion leader, using no leather in her products as one example. The company continues to profess sustainable practices and commits to its own journey of betterment year over year.

The Brand Forecast: Help us reach a higher bar of taking responsibility for of our business impact on the environment.


Photo Credit: H&M Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2015


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