Coordinates 06.15

In this month’s Coordinates 06.15, we share articles putting points on the trend horizon. We cover topics on Consumer & Culture, Economy & Industry, and Brand & Marketing that give insights into which direction the wind is blowing.

Advertising Just for You

With personalization being one of the hot digital marketing topics, brandchannel’s Sheila Shayon reports on IBM and Facebook partnering to help advertisers deliver ever more personalized ads to consumers, marrying IBM’s data analytics with Facebook’s deep data set.

Killing the 3D Printing Buzz

3D printing has gotten a lot of attention, as new innovations and industries should. Yet, unless new technologies can define a market that meets a true need and become useful versus simply being a novelty, they are certain to dissipate. Business of Fashion featured this article from Dezeen that shares a perspective that 3D printing might be moving in this direction. Perhaps Industry is expecting too much, too soon and isn’t treating 3D printing as it should—as a technology to play with until it finds its proper usefulness.

A Modern Take on the Coffee Table

Nanette Wong posted these beautiful, glowing, pastel glass tables on Design Milk. They are made by Nendo for Glas Italia and are simply unique and breathtaking. Be in awe.

Hire Storytellers

Given the recent obsession with storytelling in Corporate America, companies are starting to hire those officially trained in the practice. In this Fast Company article, Michael Grothaus features Mohsin Hamid, author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist who now works for Wolff Olins, the acclaimed branding and design agency. Hamid was brought onboard to work with clients seeking a well-articulated brand story. Copywriting for a brand, beyond traditional advertising, is often under-valued. Invest in those with the talent to make your brand message relevant and poignant.

Creative Inspiration to Save Water

A brilliant campaign from Denver Water to raise conversation awareness, this outdoor campaign marries the ad line, “You can’t make this stuff” with clever artistic visuals that emphasize the point. Find the article here on Adweek.

Rainbow Brands

It’s wonderful to see brands getting on the right side of equal rights and celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling that supports gay marriage. Advertising Age covered brands that got it right from Jell-o to Ben & Jerry’s.

Retail Imperialism

With a lot of press this week regarding the downfall of U.S. retail brands (read Gap, J. Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch), Business of Fashion highlights how one of the companies causing the pain, H&M, keeps its business fresh and vital, reporting that H&M is working on yet another new retail format.


A way to put more control back into your communications—Gmail now will let you stop an email in its tracks. From The New York Times.



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