Speak Up: Dads

Acknowledging Fatherhood.

As women fight for equality in opportunity and pay, men seem to be doing the same when it comes to content and the representation of fatherhood. For example:

  • Just as Moms seek advice from other Moms, Dads want the same. There’s been an upward tick of social networks, such as Daddit and Fatherly, for dads seeking and wanting to share advice with other fathers.
  • Gender stereotypes are reinforced by the portrayal of men and women in the visuals we see everyday. To combat this, Getty Images has curated a new set of photos featuring men with the intent of changing the image of masculinity today, including men being shown as parents. Getty Images took on this project in partnership with org as a follow-up to their collaborative program last year that focused on women.

Even when it comes to fathers who are struggling and at the lower end of the economic scale, men are not always represented fairly. According to a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, these so called “deadbeat dads” who struggle to pay alimony often are providing “gifts” to their children for necessities such as clothing, shoes, and food. They are trying to provide for their children in the way they can.

There’s a leaning in towards societal support for men and fatherhood, which is beneficial to them, their partners, their children, and society.

The Culture Forecast: Help make fatherhood cool and respected.


Photo Credit: Tetra Images/Jessica Peterson / Getty Images


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