Stand Up: Women

For Themselves.

Women continue to stand-up for themselves and say enough is enough! This is taking place on several fronts.

After decades of wearing uncomfortable, fashion-forward clothing and shoes, women are starting to prefer comfort. For example, the thong as a preferred undergarment is on its way out, having declined seven percent in sales in the last year. Taking its place are more traditional underwear being embraced by the younger generation and being offered by new brands such as Ten Undies and Hello Beautiful. Along these lines, as we noted in the “Outdated: Time for a Rebranding” post, Spanx is having to change its image and positioning, since women no longer want to feel like they have to be “constrained and contained” to feel good about themselves.

On a more serious note, women have also stood up for themselves when needed on online dating sites when the sites themselves have not been able to provide proper protection. Men sometimes troll on these sites and can verbally abuse women. Some have stood up for themselves and shamed the men into backing off.

Several brands are finally demonstrating support for women and providing more powerful, motivating messages. Here are several examples of this movement towards women’s empowerment:

  • Earlier this month, Always’ released its next installment of its “Like a Girl” campaign called “Unstoppable” and has already gotten traction.
  • In support of its centennial celebration, the beauty brand, Maybelline, released an ad called, “No Maybes” that offers a more progressive view on beauty that encourages women to be who they want to be and champions living life with “no maybes.”
  • Just one year ahead of its 100-year birthday celebration, Keds is launching a campaign featuring Taylor Swift that also champions women’s empowerment. Ad lines include:
    • “It’s not a running shoe. It’s a run the world shoe.”
    • “Oh girl is the new oh boy.”
    • “There’s no such thing as an average girl.”
  • Clinique has launched a “Face Forward” campaign that features young, successful women that have made a mark, who encourage all other women to have the courage to do the same.
  • GapKids, in partnership with Ellen Degeneres and her new ED lifestyle brand, just launched a campaign and a clothing collection that puts girl empowerment as its central message: “It encourages girls to take pride in what makes them unique.”

It’s time brands marketed to women and girls with more motivating messages vs. setting unrealistic expectations that aren’t in women’s best interest.

The Culture Forecast: Help me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin.


Photo Credit: Hero Images / Getty Images


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