Counter Culture with Women Leading the Way

For a healthy society.

American culture is screaming for the end of patriarchy. On a host of measures, women have been gaining more power for decades, yet it remains that women face discrimination, misogyny, bias, sexual harassment, and more. There is still unequal pay and unequal representation.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss, other factors suggest that it’s time for women to take strong leadership positions in our society and cultural creation. We desperately need more female voices, perspectives, styles, stories, and leadership to dramatically reshape our cultural norms.

From the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements and Lean In to more women running for Congress and organizations trying to increase female representation in the advertising industry (3% Movement, Ad Women), these many efforts suggest a strengthening of women’s voices and women taking action to alter entrenched norms.

The Consumer & Culture Forecast: Help increase women’s representation in culture-shaping roles to shift our society for the better.


3 replies

  1. you have been busy even in your travels!!! the article makes sense.
    since humanity consists of half men and half women, leadership should consist of the same.
    perhaps we’ll achieve that someday!!

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