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The World is Changing. Here’s How Companies Must Adapt”
Didn’t attend the World Economic Forum? Read about the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens AG.

The short:
There is a lot of talk about the technology associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its consequences for business, but Kaeser argues the focus needs to shift towards the impact this technology will have on society. He asks, “What can we do to make sure as many citizens as possible benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”

A summary of his key four points that business leaders should think about adding to their own strategic agenda:

  • Make social responsibility—what Kaeser calls social value—what your maximizing to ensure inclusiveness.
  • Partner with government to get people skilled for the new future.
  • Create a culture that fuels, rather than stifles, innovation and agility.
  • Ask and address the tough questions.

What the Best Transformational Leaders Do”
All companies today should be thinking about how current macro forces are reshaping industries and the resulting effects that require re-looking at company strategies to maintain relevance and drive future growth. This article offers insights from analyzing companies that have successfully transformed themselves like Amazon, Netflix, and Danone.


To Handle Increased Stress, Build Your Resilience
This article speaks to building resilience by changing your view of stress, understanding your level of control, getting to root causes, and shifting one’s mindset towards learning and action.


Blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency. Here are two articles about how IBM is partnering with organizations to use blockchain to solve marketing problems: Article #1 to bring transparency to our food supply and Article #2 to increase transparency of where digital ads are placed and make it easier to reconcile and measure the impact of what is purchased and delivered.


Wondering what all the fuss is about “Purpose.” Learn from a few standout brands using it to guide their marketing efforts.


Need to tell a compelling product story or want to show a behind-the-scenes of how your product gets made? Check out the very compelling and inspiring Everlane site featuring Saitex, the denim factory that makes its jeans. View and learn. Of course, first make sure you have a compelling story to tell.


4 Ways to Build an Innovative Team 
Innovation requires a unique skillset. Some skills can be taught, but some are innate. In this article, Greg Satell shares four ideas on how to build an innovative team. Take in that it’s not all about the people you hire, but what you do as a leader to build a culture that will allow them to be successful. Here’s our take on his key points:

  • Hire people who are excited by what you do and will be intrinsically excited to problem solve and build solutions.
  • Creating the right environment for innovation is key. It’s a space that requires (note that, requires) people to fail. How do you make that okay? It’s imperative to provide the space for people to freely share ideas.
  • Build a team with diverse backgrounds to shape the best ideas. It takes diversity in thought to create genius.
  • Find those who are willing to work as part of a team and willingly share information and ideas. Inclusiveness is key.

Have a dearth of ideas. Get inspired by the interview on How I Built This with Marcia Kilgore. Kilgore has started multiple companies such as Bliss, FitFlop, and Beauty Pie. What’s wonderful about her experiences is how she sees opportunity in the market and immediately starts to build a unique, differentiated solution. Not sure who does the naming, but it is excellent. Take note!


2018 Visuals Trends from Getty
Looking to up the visual representation of your brand? Make it more contemporary and of the now? Get inspired by these 3 data-informed and strategically-shaped 2018 visual trends from Getty: Second Renaissance, Conceptual Realism, and Masculinity Undone. Be sure to click on the “Explore the Board” at the bottom of each trend’s description. I especially love the photography in Masculinity Undone.


Whats Trending

Uninspired Retail. The death of brick and mortar retail is oft discussed, and yet new retail stores still often miss the mark. What needs to be reconsidered when bringing to life a new retail outlet to drive better traffic and results? Read more on Weathervane Forum.

Book in Brief

“The Power of Moments” by Chip and Dan Heath.
The short? Another powerful book by the Heath brothers. If you missed it when it came out last fall, “The Power of Moments” tells how important moments can be in shaping and impacting our lives, experiences, and outcomes. They dissect the power of moments and speak to how we can manufacturer them (in a positive way!) for impact.

Prefer to read a bit more? Here’s an article the Heath’s wrote for Fast Company that introduces the concept.

Prefer to listen? Listen to The Tony Robbins Podcast where Dan Heath is interviewed about the book.

Convinced you should dig in? Get the book.

Have a Listen

Are you a woman in the workplace or want to support someone who is? Women at Work, is a new HBR podcast addressing topics just for you. I’m sure men can also learn a thing or two both as a boss, co-worker, or partner.



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