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I know this Newsletter is chock full of stuff, and it might be a tad overwhelming. But, I include this much with the hope that you find at least one thing that gives you a new insight that inspires you to action.

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A great and clear articulation of the forces reshaping the FMCG / CPG industry and suggestions for ways companies need to adjust their game plans to win in the changing marketplace. A must read from McKinsey >

What would happen if we shifted our business models to focus on “thriving” rather than growth? Shift your own thinking with this TED talk >


Watch or listen to John Doerr, VC and Chairman of Kleiner Perkins, on the importance of setting the right goals with OKR’s.

Hear from Tina Selig on simple actions you can take to capture the winds of luck.


A clear, practical article about what it takes and pitfalls to avoid in integrating data into a non-traditional data-driven business—have a vision, get buy-in from the top, apply data to existing processes that make sense for your business. Read more from Julie Rieger, President, Chief Data Strategist, and Head of Media at 20th Century Fox.

What if you could sell direct to your consumer via textPopSugar is doing it. Why couldn’t your brand cut out the middle man for special deals and ship direct? Why not test out new products this way? Imagine what you could do differently to change the shopping paradigm.

A good “Integrity Marketing” article on eliminating ageism in advertising.

“how to” on service design like we’ve seen from Airbnb, Asos, and Wayfindr.


Why do company’s insist on rushing re-branding? Burberry took this approach and didn’t end up with anything special. Even the designer said the one-month project really should have taken four. Changing visual identities is risky. Why rush it?

Burberry’s experience spurred this coverage of other redesigns that didn’t go over so well.

Direct-to-consumer brands are continuing to launch, grow, and steal share from traditional manufacturers. Best to understand the space and seriously consider adding this business model to your portfolio mix.

A great digital primer covering several topics from what digital “genius” leaders do to where you need to play in international markets. An interview with Maureen Mullen, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Gartner L2.

A case study on building a brand from Vita Coco.


Content creation these days can be overwhelming for many companies. Learn how Clinique effectively and efficiently repurposed its Print ad into online advertising.

A storytelling lesson from stand-up comedy. And presented in a fun, compelling way. Worth a view.

Could you use Virtual Reality to allow more consumers to engage with your live brand experience? That’s what the Smithsonian and other museums are doing. Why not you?


What videos are influencing the shopping process these days? Learn the 3 types—shop with me, hauls, and first impressions—that pull people to watch and are just as influential as advertising, if not more.

Do Millennials prefer living in suburbs or cities? It’s a toss-up. This is an important trend to watch, as some brands wonder about the impact of such living decisions on category purchase behaviors.

Ikea knows that consumer understanding is critical to success. The company adjusts its offerings as it enters new markets around the world.

Don’t forget “older” consumers. While they might not be the future, they have significant purchasing power and are more loyal to longstanding brands.

A film from Monocle on how companies in Japan are serving older, affluent consumers in their market.


A reminder that getting into a “kids’ mindset” full of possibility is valuable for formulating innovative ideas.


Not that one needs another good reason to visit Tokyo (such a great city!), but the world’s first digital museum looks so cool it should land on the must-see and experience list.


Whats Trending

Hidden Potential: The Untapped Gold Rush
Every innovation event I attended this year spoke of the importance of diversity in the innovation process, not only to bring divergent thinking to produce better solutions, but also to ensure innovators consider a broader range of consumers in building their solutions.Yet, there’s an opportunity for us to broaden our view beyond diversity on an innovation team in a company towards one that addresses inclusiveness and the innovation and entrepreneurship biases that exist in our economic system. We are missing out on highly innovative opportunities and solutions and growth, because the innovation community is too homogenous.

Read more at Weathervane Forum >

Book in Brief

“Creating Great Choices: A Leader’s Guide to Integrative Thinking,”
by Jennifer Riel & Roger Martin 

Looking at a problem and feeling like you have no good choices? Feeling like you don’t trust that the options in front of you will deliver the best results? Seeking an innovative solution to a challenge, but you don’t know how to craft a solution? Consider picking up this book to learn how to apply integrative thinking to create a new model, not one of compromise, but rather one that creates the best approach for the circumstances at hand. What I love about this method is that it reminds us there aren’t fixed models in the world. Models are just that—models and constructs, and new ones can be created to generate possibilities and better outcomes.

Learn more about the concept >
Or, watch an interview >
Convinced you want to dig in? Get the book.

Have a Listen

National Geographic is one of the brands I most admire these days. This is a great interview by Kara Swisher with three powerful women leaders at the helm of the company’s storytelling. They speak to the importance of the National Geographic brand as their north star, having a brand that is genuinely built with purpose, focusing on telling great stories, and coordinating across cross-functional teams to magnify those stories and tell them appropriately for each channel. This is a great listen for brand builders.

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