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From Strategy to Innovation

Uber’s new subscription service serves as a reminder to all companies that they will need to evolve their services and business models as they mature over time. It’s a “no duh” statement in some ways, but as I take note of many high growth companies years in (e.g., Airbnb, Facebook, even Google), they are experiencing new market challenges and having to apply new strategies and build new competencies to address changing competitive environments.

A great article on how to use habits to make you more effective and truly achieve the outcomes you seek.

Want to be an effective leader? Manage the ego.

A quick watch on how digital assistants can solve real, human problems, not just be “technology.”

A view into Amazon’s powerful advertising machine. As marketers, yippee! As consumers, the jury is out.

How to find your authentic brand.

Simple and direct5 tips to improve conversion on your landing pages.

More holiday shopping insights from Google—consumers’ wallets are open; make the shopping experience frictionless to create a mutual win-win.

Want to innovate? Reset your design assumptions.

A checklist for hiring innovative, collaborative employees.

What’s fresh in web design.


Whats Trending

What’s on the Horizon for Retail. A few forecasts:

Book in Brief

“The Meaning Revolution,” by Fred Kofman 
Given it’s Thanksgiving time, I thought it worthwhile to feature Fred Kofman’s, “The Meaning Revolution,” in which he champions purpose-driven company alignment and leadership to inspire employees.

Learn more in this article > 
Or, have a listen to an interview with Fred Kofman on Pivot Podcast by Jenny Blake >
Convinced you want to dig in? Get the book >

Have a Listen

Avoid Miscommunication in a Digital World from HBR
Get tips and tricks for communicating better in today’s digital world—focus on the message, convey your intent, don’t be afraid to use emojis, talk face to face, and be thoughtful about how you use different technologies like emails and conference calls.

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