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Thank you for being a part of my community this year! I hope you’ve gotten value out of our newsletter and welcome any feedback on how to make it even more valuable for you in the coming year.

Up next? I’ll see you in January with our Forecast on what’s trending on the horizon for 2019.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays, and wishing you the very best for a Happy New Year!

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News from Strategy to Innovation

Tips on going DTC, while keeping your current distributors happy. Read more >

Regardless of your political stance, Stacy Abrams inspires you to know your What, Why, and How to move forward after setbacks and achieve your ambitions.

Some sound advice on how to take on the digital assistant, AI challenge.

Dirty Lemon is a beverage company and a tech company redefining how to go to market,building its business via customer acquisition through text. Learn more from the founder about this unique model >

The new “app of the year,” TikTok, and its world of challenges.

Need to reposition and rebrand to build new relevance? WW (aka Weight Watchers) offers an example.

How to better manage your content and not feel a content void. Read more >

Cool, new distribution channels allowing you to sell through video and inspirational learning.

The best way to leverage stories for your brand.

Debunking some myths about Millennials. They may be more similar than past generations than we might have thought, and they may not be the shopping powerhouse marketers think. Read more >

Today’s brand trend = bland. Read more >

If you care about adshere’s a summary of one person’s POV on the top 25 for the year.


Whats Trending

  • Katie Couric had two podcasts this month that provided an excellent round-up of 2018. You can find them here: Part I and Part II.

Book in Brief

“Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading,” by Ronald A. Heifetz & Marty Linsky

This book isn’t new, but it’s a great read for those in leadership positions. The book highlights just how difficult and dangerous it is to lead and offers insights like “Get on the Balcony,” “Orchestrate the Conflict,” and “Anchor Yourself.” The writing is peppered with historical examples of leaders doing the right thing and the wrong thing, giving us the opportunity to learn from both.

Convinced you want to dig in? Get the book >

Have a Listen

Alec Baldwin interviewed Ben & Jerry (yes, that Ben & Jerry) in Vermont this fall. It’s a lively discussion about friendship, serendipity and innovation, and building a business that matters. Listen here >

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