Weathervane Forum is about seeing the world through multiple lenses and finding connection points to determine the movements and perspectives rising on the horizon.

The quarterly blog is produced with the intent of inspiring marketers to meet consumer needs for the better good, focusing on marrying consumer motivations with goods, services, and content. Rather than businesses unintentionally setting expectations for consumers to meet, we believe brands should tap into people’s core desires (“help me….”) to help them meet their internally determined goals.

Our approach is based on the belief that new ideas come from divergent avenues, relevant adjacencies, unusual intersections, and holistic thinking. Therefore, we look broadly and synthesize patterns, curating them to make observations intended to inspire positive action. We pay attention to all that is around us (e.g., pop culture, retail environments, diverse news and inspirational sources), making connections, translating consumer meaning, and presenting in simple, short delivery, saving you time and inspiring your creativity.


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