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Kathy Oneto

Eating Evolution

Bettering Our Food Supply. The decades-long health food revolution has changed our food landscape, yet new trends suggest we are not near over, as evidenced in business growth and new champions of advancement. Despite negative press in recent years around there not being a natural standard and the organic standard […]

New Accompaniments

Complementing What We Eat. Condiments are enjoying a renaissance, at last following the trend of most food categories in creating a new premium tier (think Kettle Brand chips compared to Lay’s or Strauss Creamery ice cream [or any other local specialty brand] compared to Haagan Daz or Dreyers). These new, […]

Zero Transportation

Moving Without. While hybrid and electric seem to be at the forefront of automobile transportation evolution, there is more change coming in how we move that will be here sooner we think. These inventions were created by asking what’s possible or simply by bucking norms. Driverless cars will soon be […]

Zero Words

Communicating with Pictures. In this digital age, how we connect and communicate with each other continues to evolve. We’ve shifted from face to face, planned communication to emails and text messages; from sentences to 140 characters and emoticons. Now we’re complementing the words, if any are used, with pictures, which as […]

Whimsical Wears

“Commercial” Accessories. Accessories are at the forefront of fashion today with some designers turning everyday items and product packaging into clever, offbeat fashion pieces. It’s another form of nostalgia as […]


The Smart Home. If you saw the movie, Her, you know what I’m referencing—having an operating system with which we interact and grow attached is likely not as far away as one might think. Consider the growth in digitally connected homes and technology’s pervasive encroachment into our daily lives, which […]

Entertain Me

Variety Revived. The variety show is back from its languishing in the ‘90’s+, perhaps fueled by the renewed interest in musicals over the last 5+ years (e.g., High School Musical, Glee) or based simply on talent. Enter Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, one of the few performers today who […]


Retail at Your Door Step. The slow movement has not yet been applied to shopping behavior; rather, our intent is going the other direction, fueling our “stay at our desk and at home” mentality. Delivery services—from large companies to start-ups—are popping up to save time, simplify lives, and stave off […]