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Kathy Oneto

Pursuit of Excellence: Focus on People

Business Success Powered by Employees. Too often in today’s business world companies have a win at all costs mentality and a sole focus on the bottom line. Shareholders are the focus, not employees, leading to consequences such as burnt-out and overly stretched workers and elimination of jobs through downsizing and […]

Integrity Marketing: Patagonia

Patagonia, the outdoor clothing brand and champion for the environment, continues to be a model for brands that want to be authentic and live by their purpose. Take this election season—Patagonia is staying true to its beliefs in supporting the environment and is encouraging others to get involved by voting for […]

Advisory: Integrity Marketing

We are all susceptible to media and marketing messages. An obvious statement, perhaps, so why then don’t businesses hold themselves to a higher standard about how they market to consumers? We think there’s an opportunity to raise the bar to a new standard we call Integrity Marketing—being responsible and principled […]

Brand for Good: Helping those in Need

It’s sad that Paris and France continue to be brutalized by terrorism when it’s a society that welcomes diversity and helps those in need. For example, a program called Le Carillon is being tested in Paris’s 11th arrondissement that recruits local businesses to help the homeless, using stickers to publicly […]