Getting Around the Dinner Table. This year we’re seeing a movement to get people around the dinner table to forward progress on causes. While there has there been a trend of communal dining—from large, shared restaurant tables and online programs, such as, that bring strangers together over a meal, […]


Celebrity Conglomerates. Our cultural attraction to celebrity continues to fuel the creation of celebrity conglomerates. Celebrities are no longer just entertainers, rather many have become full-fledged brands and businesses in their own right, hiring big business players to expand their brands beyond the screen and stage. No longer are celebrities […]

Music to My Ears

Hear Music New Ways. Since Napster, the music industry has never been the same. Last year the evolution continued with surprise releases, Beyoncé’s album releasing directly to iTunes garnering the most press attention. This year we’ve continued to see a range of innovative music delivery methods representing a clash of […]


Back in Time with New Takes on American Makers. Want to find something made close to home? Several platform websites are making it easy to find local makers. These players are similar to Etsy, but brand around American-made, local, and craft. With yet another celebrity entering the digital space, Blake […]

Suburban Blight

The Changing Landscape of Where We Live. With the global population bearing down on cities and the retail landscape being reshaped as big box retailers disappear, the sprawl of the suburbs is becoming the new dust bowl. Suburbs are declining, while cities rise. To reverse the downward trend, the idea of […]

Zero Words

Communicating with Pictures. In this digital age, how we connect and communicate with each other continues to evolve. We’ve shifted from face to face, planned communication to emails and text messages; from sentences to 140 characters and emoticons. Now we’re complementing the words, if any are used, with pictures, which as […]