The End of Retail

Changing Retail Landscape. End of wholesale. Doug Stephens, founder of Retail Prophet, makes the claim that the traditional wholesale model must change given the growing e-commerce market. With the retail […]

Not Nationalized

Reverse Commercial Imperialism. Amongst companies, retailers, and brands, this year has punctuated just how global our economy really is. It’s no longer guaranteed that a company has a distinct national identity or that the companies and countries one might think would be winning are. For example, in the past, U.S. […]

Not New Media

Journalism Still Rising. By purchasing The Washington Post, was Amazon’s Jeff Bezos signaling the revival of American journalism, perhaps a reversal of fortune? Fortune is likely too strong a word, but journalism is reemerging from the wake of the industry’s shake-up with serious journalism returning in new formats. Amidst The […]

Not Old or Young

Role for Both Types of Companies. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, one would think that entrepreneurship and young companies are at the center of our economy and should be where everyone wants to work. It’s easy to forget that Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, while they started as […]

Not Fixed

Flexible Talent. With our economy having shifted even more away from manufacturing and to services, it reinforces that talent has been a driver of economic growth. Yet, a significant problem companies and workers face is the need for more flexibility—companies do not always need full-time headcount to accomplish their goals, […]

Eating Evolution

Bettering Our Food Supply. The decades-long health food revolution has changed our food landscape, yet new trends suggest we are not near over, as evidenced in business growth and new champions of advancement. Despite negative press in recent years around there not being a natural standard and the organic standard […]