April 2015

At the start of 2015, here’s what’s been taking shape on the horizon: Consumer & Culture: Changing generational tides. Economy & Industry: Evolving norms. Brand & Marketing: Raising the bar and progressing us forward. What does this mean for your business? Consumer & Culture: How you target will continue to be […]

Old Material, New Forms

The Touch of Paper Accessories. Paper is often thought of as being temporary, not having lasting properties. But with new forms of paper, and old, companies and artists are making paper pieces to last. Uashmama, an Australian company, makes a host of accessories and homewares from long-lasting, like-leather-made paper that […]

Retail Entertainment

Bringing Shoppers to the Store. With our changing shopping patterns (more online shopping and home delivery) that keep us out of stores, retailers are creating environments that offer richer experiences to draw shoppers back in. Retail theater had its start in the ‘90’s with concepts such as Niketown and Disney […]

New Accompaniments

Complementing What We Eat. Condiments are enjoying a renaissance, at last following the trend of most food categories in creating a new premium tier (think Kettle Brand chips compared to Lay’s or Strauss Creamery ice cream [or any other local specialty brand] compared to Haagan Daz or Dreyers). These new, […]

Zero Transportation

Moving Without. While hybrid and electric seem to be at the forefront of automobile transportation evolution, there is more change coming in how we move that will be here sooner we think. These inventions were created by asking what’s possible or simply by bucking norms. Driverless cars will soon be […]


The Smart Home. If you saw the movie, Her, you know what I’m referencing—having an operating system with which we interact and grow attached is likely not as far away as one might think. Consider the growth in digitally connected homes and technology’s pervasive encroachment into our daily lives, which […]