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Weathervane Forum is generated and guided by Kathy Oneto, a brand and business leader with expertise in branding, marketing, innovation, and design. Most recently Kathy has been VP, Brand Communications at Minted, a design marketplace. Prior to that role, she led the strategy practice at a branding and design firm where she was VP, Brand Strategy working with clients in CPG, Retail, and Technology sectors. In that role, Kathy was also the creator and editor of Sightings, a quarterly journal on trends.

With over 15 years of consumer marketing experience, Kathy naturally sees the connection in disparate topics, finding patterns and drawing implications (what could it possibly mean?). She brings center-brained, integrated thinking to her work, which allows her to concept, create, solve, and build. Kathy is both a thinker and a doer, combining the unique ability to both develop solutions and implement them. Kathy has an MBA and is a “self-trained MFA” through coursework in design, design thinking, and writing and having spent time in a creative environment, developing her right brain muscles.

Kathy is a strategic marketer at heart, having cut her teeth at Clorox managing brands such as Kingsford Charcoal, for which this vegetarian still has deep affection. Kathy further honed her experience as co-founder of a natural food start-up, championing the consumption of bugs (also known as probiotics). Since then, Kathy has had the opportunity to partner with over a dozen brands in shaping strategy, including Safeway, Del Monte, and Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Finally, Kathy is a thought leader in the areas of marketing to women, branding, trends, and innovation. She’s spoken at the the M2W: Marketing to Women’s conference, has written white papers on marketing to women, has been published in Fast Company in the area of branding, and has extensive experience researching innovation approaches and presenting trends via webinars and for clients.


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