Getting Around the Dinner Table. This year we’re seeing a movement to get people around the dinner table to forward progress on causes. While there has there been a trend of communal dining—from large, shared restaurant tables and online programs, such as, that bring strangers together over a meal, […]


Celebrity Conglomerates. Our cultural attraction to celebrity continues to fuel the creation of celebrity conglomerates. Celebrities are no longer just entertainers, rather many have become full-fledged brands and businesses in their own right, hiring big business players to expand their brands beyond the screen and stage. No longer are celebrities […]

Not Nationalized

Reverse Commercial Imperialism. Amongst companies, retailers, and brands, this year has punctuated just how global our economy really is. It’s no longer guaranteed that a company has a distinct national identity or that the companies and countries one might think would be winning are. For example, in the past, U.S. […]

Not New Media

Journalism Still Rising. By purchasing The Washington Post, was Amazon’s Jeff Bezos signaling the revival of American journalism, perhaps a reversal of fortune? Fortune is likely too strong a word, but journalism is reemerging from the wake of the industry’s shake-up with serious journalism returning in new formats. Amidst The […]