Music to My Ears

Hear Music New Ways. Since Napster, the music industry has never been the same. Last year the evolution continued with surprise releases, Beyoncé’s album releasing directly to iTunes garnering the most press attention. This year we’ve continued to see a range of innovative music delivery methods representing a clash of […]

Old Material, New Forms

The Touch of Paper Accessories. Paper is often thought of as being temporary, not having lasting properties. But with new forms of paper, and old, companies and artists are making paper pieces to last. Uashmama, an Australian company, makes a host of accessories and homewares from long-lasting, like-leather-made paper that […]


Back in Time with New Takes on American Makers. Want to find something made close to home? Several platform websites are making it easy to find local makers. These players are similar to Etsy, but brand around American-made, local, and craft. With yet another celebrity entering the digital space, Blake […]

On Impulse

See & Buy Instantly. Between Amazon and delivery services, routine shopping trips for low involvement products (think paper towels) just may become extinct. Couple this with the rise in online shopping, and the in-store impulse buy could go the same way; with fewer shoppers walking in the door, it’s more […]

Cities that Thrive

Constraints that Lead to Creative Growth. It’s been researched and documented that cities are hotbeds for innovation, with the Santa Fe Institute coining the term “urban metabolism,” based on the fact that cities exhibit faster metabolism as they become more populated, generating more innovations and wealth creation. Yet, these innovation […]