Kathy Oneto

August 2015

This spring and summer, here’s what’s been taking shape on the horizon: Consumer & Culture: There’s a feeling of advancement, being on the offense, and seeking a better position. Women are standing up for themselves, while men are demanding to be seen and heard as fathers. Cities are continuing to […]

Outdated: Time for a Rebranding

It’s A Fact of Brand. Mention of a re-branding is often considered a death knell. Certainly as times change, so must brands in what they offer and what they stand for. Some may be able to avoid the full death spiral, while others may find a way to pivot to […]

Basics Better: Undergarments

A $110B Revolution. Any industry can be upended, even something as basic as our undergarments. Worth $110 billion in sales, is it any wonder that entrepreneurs and innovators are trying to make inroads on this often overlooked category? Here are several newbies to check out that offer a new take […]

Stand Up: Women

For Themselves. Women continue to stand-up for themselves and say enough is enough! This is taking place on several fronts. After decades of wearing uncomfortable, fashion-forward clothing and shoes, women […]

Head West: To LA

Tinsel Town Sparkles. Los Angeles is often associated with Hollywood and beach culture. It’s not often heralded for its creative culture, innovation, and tech scene. Yet of late, for business and personal reasons, many are choosing to call LA home for this very reason—for access to creativity, innovation, and culture. […]

Reduce: Our Impact on the Planet

Motivated Towards Good. With varying motivations, companies, industries, and individuals are making the right choice for the environment and the planet to benefit the human race and the planet we live on. Take these varying examples: While this year the first ever solar powered plane, the Solar Impulse 2 flown […]

Reinvent: Raising the Food Bar

Consumers Demand It. Some companies are accepting and meeting consumer demands for better food. Yet, others are still fighting to suggest their food isn’t as bad as you think or are expanding their criteria to be able to meet consumer demand. Take Coca-Cola, which was recently called out for funding […]