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IPO’s are declining. Is that good or bad?

Given Amazon’s ability to create a 360-view of its consumers with all its offerings (e.g., product sales, streaming services, digital assistants, reading devices), it’s not too surprising that Costco has been exploring adding video streaming to its mix. Are you thinking about how complementary services can give you an edge?


Eileen Fisher shows that there is more than one way to successfully lead and grow a company. Even not having a CEO.

Get your mind around the benefits of being a humble leader.

Learn the power and tools for being in control of your emotions at work.

A few solid tips for managing team performance in today’s work environment.

Some honest guidance from Adam Grant on feedback, continuous learning, job evolution, and balance.


ICYMI: Google just updated its Shopping Insights portal. Some good, free data to be had.

A primer on what’s taking shape with AI and its impact on marketing. Written with a B2B lens, but still applicable to B2C players.

Is brand art patronage good or bad? It’s certainly a trend.

Inspiring consumer-centric examples of how to use social and apps to deliver on consumer needs and desires to build brand engagement.

Examples of brands trying to align with consumer values—from Bonobos to Debeers.


A great review of challenger brands and how they are creating “moats” around their businesses to sustain success.

Love this article from Hanneke Faber, President Unilever Europe, calling for brand leaders to become brand activists. Encouraging to hear this proclamation from the lead of a major FMCG company.


 A case study from Mintent on how to scale your content.

Examples from Away, Nordstrom, and Harry’s on how content and services can deepen brand relationships.


An interesting look at the brands today’s college kids are into based on search data.

There were several articles from PSFK this month on how brands are targeting men:


Innovation is following manufacturing, leaving the U.S. A roadmap for how to bring it back.

Will Silicon Valley continue to be the place for start-ups? There are a lot of factors that could lead innovators to go elsewhereLike Minnesota.

Two inspiring TED programs to show us that people are, thank goodness, working on solving the world’s big challenges“We the Future” and “Reboot.”

Social media done better. Meet Mappen.


A McKinsey study that shows that design works and leads to concrete results.

To increase creative representationanother organization raising the awareness of female talent in the ad industry.


Whats Trending

In this second part of my Portland coverage, I focus on a few food trends that caught my eye walking the streets and the aisles. My main observation was that the food industry continues to innovate on the spectrum of healthy and indulgence.
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How can you be more effective?

How do you focus on the right things? Learn more about “Essentialism.”
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How do you let go of perfection?
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How do you find more time?
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How can you set yourself up for a productive week?
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How do you avoid choking? Practice for real.
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