Location Scents

Smells that Take You Back.

Science has shown that scents get associated with memories. Is it any wonder then that we find fragrance manufacturers instilling their scents with a sense of place?

  • Juniper Ridge, based in Oakland, California, makes scented rooted in the wild. They forage for organic material from the backcountry and create scents that place you in outdoor locales. Described as “The Mountains in a Bottle,” the company’s colognes will take you places.
  • Carlos Huber is an architect turned fragrance maker. His company, Arquiste, makes scents that take you back in time to specific moments in history. The Architects Club takes one back to Cocktail time, March 1930, London, while Aleksandr takes one back to January 1837, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Retail environments are now leveraging the power of scent, and hotels are no different. Jennifer M. Wood, in her article, “Hotels That Smell So Good, You’ll Want to Move In, ”for Conde Naste Traveler, shares how hotels around the world have crafted unique smells that not only brand the hotel itself, but will help you identify exactly where you’ve landed. Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City has its unique scent, Cade 26, while Hôtel Costes in Paris created Brown, whose smell is described with more complexity than its name.

Consumer ForecastHelp me relive and go back to places and great experiences.


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